online gaming strategy tool

Set up a chain of command

Use the layers feature to set the commander to see only the squad leaders.
Set the squad leaders to see just the other squad leaders and commander .
Set each squad member to see only their squad members and their own leader.

See our new TIPS page to see many more useful ways in which you can use GamePlan.

Some screenshots of GamePlan...

Icons: grouped into categories such as letters, numbers, actions and objects

Draw collaboratively: show and hide other users inks to create a sub-group structure

Lobby system: create, search and join war rooms. Flexible configuration.

Load the next map and the host will bring the whole group with them automatically

Options: set username, ink colour, touch settings, grid overlay toggle switch & colour

Communication: when connected, type to the group and hide layers here

NATO symbols: 22 friendly icons and 22 hostile equivalents (added in v1.1)

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