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A completely new level of communicating in your favourite online team-based FPS, RTS and MMO games. Get the winning edge with the GamePlan app! » View video demo

General features

  • Fully cross-platform - connect with team mates on most iOS or Android devices
  • Super-smooth pinch zoom
  • NEW! Toggle an overlay grid (with selectable colour) for quick and easy reference without even letting go of your game controller!
  • Compass - select your view direction
  • Ideal for team leader to use a tablet to communicate orders viewed on smaller screens

Drawing tools

  • Draw freehand lines, waypoints, shapes, place icons from various useful categories and write text notes over the maps to communicate threats, targets and strategies to your team mates in real-time
  • Optionally set a 'finger offset' so you can see precisely where you are dragging icons when repositioning them
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Set 'finger offset' for making repositioning of icons in edit mode more accurate
  • NEW! 44 standard NATO symbols (friendlies and hostile equivalents)

Start & Join sessions

  • Set your username and ink colour
  • Start a session (with optional password)
  • Up to 16 players in simultaneous connection per room
  • Show your session in the lobby or make it hidden (give the name and password to your team verbally)


  • Share new maps with other users using the built-in MapLocker system
  • Many First Person Shooter (FPS), Real Time Strategy (RTS) and MMO games supported. » View list
  • Notifications of map updates (next time you load a map it will check if there is a newer version)

Load & share new maps on-the-fly

  • Share new maps with other users using the built-in MapLocker system
  • Many First Person Shooters and Real Time Strategy games supported
  • Easily add your own maps for games not yet covered by MapLocker. GamePlan will transmit the current map to all users in the session when the 'host' loads a new map

Communication tools

  • Text chat to all users in a session (with in-app audio and visual notification)
  • Show and hide each players layer, so you only see what you need to see. This allows you, for eample, to split the display to show just the sub-unit you belong to, or expand out to see what your whole team are doing on-the-fly. Set it so the team commander can see other unit leaders, but not squad level and set each squad to see just their own squad members and team leader
  • Ideal for team leaders to dictate orders, and other team members to plan their lower level strategies without intruding on other unit's discussion

A powerful gamers toolkit

  • GamePlan's powerful combination of functionality is designed to give the competitive gaming edge
  • Responsive real-time collaborative map
  • Smooth scrollable and zoomable map
  • Use GamePlan before and during matchups to give a whole new level of immersion and control over your game!


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