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GamePlan is now FREE to download

Now there's two ways to use GamePlan! The FREE download is a VIEWER mode.

In VIEWER mode:

  • All drawing tools work offline, so you can have a play and see how they work.
  • You can join a session that's been started by an unlocked version.
  • Drawing tools are disabled online but it will remain as a viewer forever, so if your 'commander' has the unlocked app you can still follow his instructions.
  • You CANNOT start/host a room, so one of you at least will have to buy it (the main leader for example) to get the session going.
  • You can create plans and strategies offline (solo mode) and screen-grab the images to share by email as pre-battle plans.

Therefore, viewer mode acts as a demonstration of how GamePlan works, and also works forever as a 'viewer' if you connect to a session hosted by an unlocked app (or by the full version).

BUY a single UNLOCK to activate all features:

  • Create/host rooms for up to 16 players.
  • Online drawing tools.
  • Automatically broadcast the map that you are currently planning for.
  • Full multi-way communication.
  • Text chat between the group.
UNLOCK or BUY the full version of GamePlan.
Currently 50% DISCOUNT!

Buy GamePlan pre-unlocked!

You can also buy the fully unlocked GamePlan App directly in the App Store if you prefer. The cost is the same whichever way you do it.

Available on iTunes App Store Available on Google Play Available on Amazon App Store


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